Thanks to a unique skill set and an extraordinary experience in motorsport, YCOM is your technical partner since the very beginning of any project: YCOM will drive you through all the stages of the development, from the initial concept to the finish line.


YCOM is one of the world's leaders for motorsport design and development, and a world leader in composite design.
Our design engineers master all the latest 3D design softwares and techniques, to give you the best quality and cost efficiency.


Using state of the art technologies and software, YCOM's development engineers can define any kind of vehicle in all of its parts from the early stages of any project.
This helps to reduce manufacturing, logistics and testing costs, allowing YCOM to achieve success in the most efficient way.


YCOM is fully equipped to manufacture and assemble any mechanical component, composite parts, or even complete cars: from the smallest element to the full chassis, including wings and other parts.
Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians keeps accurate quality control on all phases of the production cycle, because we only perfection makes us happy.


YCOM works closely with motorsport federations, Universities and Research Centers all around the world, aiming to improve safety and provide the most accurate test procedures and result measurements.


At YCOM we have been racing the best cars all over the world: Le Mans, IRL, DTM, Formula3, World Series, FIA GT, GP2... and we keep doing it because we believe that if you design something and you don't run it, you will never be able to improve your products.
This is our approach, which also makes YCOM the best technical partner for any motorsport project.