Sustainability in motorsport: YCOM achieved FIA 3 stars certification

Sustainability in Motorsport and Beyond: the FIA 3 Stars Accreditation

Driving Positive Change: YCOM Achieves FIA 3-Star Certification.

Sustainability in motorsport is an evolving journey: YCOM has reached a new milestone by earning the FIA 3-star certification. This recognition marks a further step in our quest for excellence and underscores our dedication to support our customers shaping a greener future for motorsport vehicles and mobility solutions. 

Setting the Standard for Environmental Management  

At YCOM, sustainability is a guiding principle embedded in different aspects of our operations. Collaborating with our customers, providers, and stakeholders, our mission is to lead the way to advanced technology in motorsport and mobility while aligning with the broader objectives of sustainable impact in the industry.  

The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme, designed to assist motorsport and mobility stakeholders worldwide, serves as a key tool in enhancing environmental performance. 

Sustainability in motorsport: FIA 3 stars certificate

FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme offers a clear and consistent environmental management system, providing stakeholders with a three-level framework against which to assess their activities: 

  1. One-Star – Basic Practice: This level emphasizes demonstrating essential environmental performance and a commitment to improvement. 
  1. Two-Star – Good Practice: Stakeholders at this level showcase good environmental performance and align closely with internationally developed roadmaps toward environmental management. 
  1. Three-Star – Best Practice: The highest level signifies stakeholders who exhibit best practices and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement by implementing an environmental management system. 


Before the FIA 3-star certification, YCOM achieved ISO 14001 certification, recognized as the most important international standard for environmental management. 

ISO 14001 certification underscores our dedication to effective environmental management systems, covering the design, prototyping and production of complete vehicles and components in composite material for the automotive, motorsport and industrial sectors through the assembly and processes of lamination, care and finishing of components in composite material. 

While the FIA Accreditation draws on best practices such as ISO 14001, it was specifically tailored to cater to all FIA stakeholders. 

Comprehensive Sustainability Approach 

One of YCOM’s most remarkable projects concerning our commitment to a sustainable impact is the development of the first natural fiber crash box for motorsport. In collaboration with Bcomp Ltd., we have pioneered the use of sustainable materials in safety-critical components. The linen fiber crash box meets stringent safety standards while offering environmental benefits such as a lower CO2 footprint and viable end-of-life options.  

That said, at YCOM, our dedication to reducing our footprint and increase the overall sustainability of our daily activities our sustainability extends beyond individual projects to encompass a comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship. From efficient energy and resource management to robust recycling programs, we strive to minimize our environmental impact at every stage of our operations.  

Leading the Way Towards a Sustainable Future  

Nicola Scimeca, Managing Director of YCOM, commented, “Today I’m really proud, receiving the prestigious Three Stars accreditation from the FIA is not just an achievement; it’s a testament to YCOM’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Our commitment to sustainability is an ever-evolving journey, and we stand firm in our mission to pioneer a more sustainable impact in the realms of motorsport and mobility project development.” 

With the FIA 3-star certification, YCOM reaffirms its commitment to sustainability in motorsport and to the pursuit of positive change within the industry and beyond. Let’s shape a better future, together.

We can support your next project applying our standard and technologies for a sustainable impact.